Byrion Hinderson

"Knowledge is a puzzle with hidden pieces. The fun is finding the pieces."


Strength OOO, Dexterity OOOO, Stamina OOO.
Charisma OO, Manipulation OOO, Appearance .
Perception OOO, Intelligence OO, Wits OOO.

SHERIFF: Athletics OO, Drive , Initiative O, Martial Arts OO, Streetwise OOO.

SENESCHAL: Alertness OO, Bureaucracy , Etiquette , Leadership , Pop Culture O.

PRIMOGEN: Academics OO, Awareness , Linguistics , Investigation OO, Occult

SCOURGE: Ballistic Skill OO, Dodge OO, Larceny O, Stealth OO, Survival O

KEEPER: Art, Diplomacy O, Empathy O, Seduction O, Subterfuge O.

CAITIFF: Animal Ken OO, Law O

Conscience OO, Self-Control OOOO, Courage OOOO.

Animalism: O
Obfuscate: OO
Potence: O

Acquaintance , Arsenal , Blood O, Connections O, Contacts O, Domain OO, Fame, Resources O, Retainer, Spies OOO, Status O

Connections: Homeless


Name: Byrion Hinderson
Race: White
Height: 6’
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Language: English
Profession: Investigator
Hobbies: puzzles, physical training,
Likes: IQ puzzles, environmental noises, exercising
Dislikes: Team sports, motor vehicles
School: associates criminal justice, High school
Clubs: Debate, Triathlete,
Past: Failed out of the police academy, sent to prison for assault
Associates/family: parents (middle class, both work. Father – office worker, mother – teacher), 2 siblings (sister, brother in the marines). Childhood friend Trent (lawyer)


Byrion never got along well with his family and spent most of his time with his friend Trent. At 16 his older brother joined the Marines. Joined the debate team with Trent, did ok. Joined the triathlete squad, did fair. As he was focused on training he did not get along with his teammates well. The only reason he survived on the debate team was he partnered well with Trent who was great at debate.
At 18 moved out of his house and went to collage with Trent
At 20 he graduated with an associates in criminal justice. Joined the police academy.
At 21 he failed out, cited as not being able to work well with others. Sister entered High school. Brother got a commission and became an officer in the Marines.
From 22-24 worked odd jobs. until Trent graduated and got his law degree.
At 25-27 Trent asked Byrion to help with a case. After some research Byrion was able to get Trent the information he needed. He also discovered he liked doing investigations and found delight in puzzles. Helped Trent with a couple more cases.
At 28 Trent found out Byrion staged an event which led to Trent solving a case in his favor. when confronted Byrion only stated that he moved a piece. a fight broke out ending with Trent getting a broken arm and Byrion going to jail.
At 32 Byrion got out of jail, and found no one wanted anything to do with him…. Then he met a stranger…..

Byrion Hinderson

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