Adventure Logs



Rewards: There are numerous awards available for adventure logs-

  • Information- Vampire is a game of secrets and maneuvers.  Writing a log may reward you with new information about the other vampires in new york and their schemes and plans.
  • Backgrounds- In most adventure logs something happens.  This may alter your backgrounds for the better.  (Don't try winning the lottery.  It never ends well.) 
  • Experience- Rarely given you may earn XP for completing a log.
  • Casus belli – You do something not for any direct benefit to you, but solely to force another kindred to act. 


Can I create a new vampire in the City?  Yes, you can create a vampire from any of the five playable clans, and from the 11th, 12th, 13th, or 14th Generation. 

Can I use existing NPCs? Yes, just avoid doing anything permanent or out of character.  You can certainly use Scroll Keeper for exposition or as a middle man, but probably not as a motorcycle riding chain swinging anarch. 

Can I use other characters?  Yes, just avoid anything permanent or anything they'd wildly object too.  Ask the player if you aren't sure.

You guys have a lot of leeway, so have fun.



Adventure Logs

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