Blood can be used-

  1. To Heal Bashing damage.  1 Blood point will heal all bashing damage.
  2. To Heal Lethal damage.  1 Blood point will heal one lethal damage.
  3. To Heal Aggravated damage.  5 Blood points and a Willpower point will heal 1 aggravated damage.  You can only heal 1 Aggravated damage per night.
  4. To pump physical attributes.  You can increase your physical attributes for a scene at a rate of 1 for 1. 
  5. You MUST spend 1 blood point each night to wake. 


Well Fed Vampires

Well fed vampires are almost human.  The blood flows through your system, flushing your skin, expanding and contracting your lungs, raising your body temperature.  It is almost impossible to identify a well fed vampire, one over half their blood pool, as a non human.  It is impossible to identify one using alertness.  A Well Fed Vampire can even pass blood pressure tests and appears warm on thermal imaging.  Eye's blink, etc. 

Further the beast is weak in such states and self control checks are rare.  Vampires in this state often think and feel almost like the humans they were. 

Hungry Vampires- A hungry vampire is a very different creature. 

  • 13th Generation are hungry at 5 or less blood points.
  • 12th Generation are hungry at 5 or less blood points.
  • 11th Generation are hungry at 6 or less blood points.
  • 10th Generation are hungry at 6 or less blood points.
  • 9th Generation are hungry at 7 or less blood points.
  • 8th Generation are hungry at 7 or less blood points.
  • 7th Generation are hungry at 10 or less blood points.

A Vampire in this state is much closer to a walking corpse than a person.  They are cold to the touch.  They do not blink.  They cannot force their lungs to expand or contract.  They are perfectly, deathly still, until they choose to move.  Humans notice something is wrong.  An astute observer with a High Alertness can notice your non-human nature. 

The beast is hard to ignore in this state, and a hungry vampire that fails a self control test could attack and rip the throat out of a childhood friend.  Emotions and feelings other than hunger, anger, and territorial paranoia are hard to come by and vampires will do things they wouldn't dare contemplate when they were full to sate the hunger. 


Can I have sex? A well fed vampire can have sex just like  a normal human.  A hungry vampire cannot force blood to stimulate the appropriate regions.  Vampires don't hate sex, any more than humans hate hand holding or massages, but it is far less of a release/high than blood.

Do I get tired? No.  Your muscles never tire or burn. 

Can I cry? Vampires sometimes weep blood if they over feed but they cannot cry like humans do.

Can I die? When vampires run out of health 3 things can happen- the body can fall to torpor (likely if you are beaten to death), it can turn to dust and ash (fire, hacked apart, sunlight), or it can be exorcised.  Vampires can eventually recover from the first two.  The third seems less survivable.  Typically the older a vampire is the longer the torpor/reform from dust period takes, but it is also more likely to happen eventually.  Younger vampires don't stay 'dead' as long, but are less likely to return.  

Can I change my looks? Vampires typically return to their appearance at the time of their death.  A vampire who goes to a hair stylist will likely lose her new hair in a few days, even breast implants or a tattoo will eventually break down (though it may take months or years).  If you put dye on your hair the color will change until it washes out.  If you cut your hair you will find it growing each night to return to its 'normal'.

Can I drown? No.  You don't need to breathe.  


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