Most hunting is quickly done in 3 quick rolls.  Which three rolls depends on the style of your hunt.  The two most common styles are- Blitz and Seduction.  Two less successful methods are Eating Meat and Going to the Doctor. 

Blitz is a physical and aggressive type of hunting favored by Brujah, Gangrel, and Nosferatu.

Roll 1- Finding a victim Perception + Alertness.  You must identify a lone individual you can subdue quickly.

Roll 2- Stalking. Dexterity + Stealth.  You need to follow your target until the appropriate moment.

Roll 3- The Attack. Strength + Initiative.  You spring forward attempting to deliver a crippling strike before the unwary mortal is aware of your true intention, then feeding while they are stunned.

Difficulty changes on all three rolls based on Where your hunting- Slums and "Wild" areas are easier than suburbs or wall street, and based on the physical threat of your targets.  Children are easier than women, who are easier than men, who are easier than toughs, who are easier than batman.

The Good: 1) Blitz attacks can net a lot of blood very quickly and vampires with high physical attributes and disciplines are usually in very little danger.  2) Further because you aren't worried about sparing your victim you can drain them fully.  Most Blitz attacks can get 8-10 blood per victim.  Because you get so much blood per victim you likely only need to hunt a handful of victims a month.  3) Time efficient.   You can do a blitz attack in a short amount of time.  Usually less than an hour or two.

The Bad: 1) After you kill the victim you have to get rid of the body.  Or at least make it seem like a vampire didn't do it.  2) Even if you aren't in much danger a lot can go wrong.  A scream can draw attention.  Worse what if they get away?  3) For less physically able vampires their is a real risk of your victim turning the tables and fighting back.  You may end up spending almost as much blood pumping and healing as you get back.

Seduction is a slower and more intimate type of hunting usually practiced by Malkavians, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue.  

Roll 1: Perception + Empathy, you need to find somebody who's feeling amorous, or can be pushed that way in a reasonable time frame. 

Roll 2: Manipulation + (Varies by target: Usually Academics, Art, Occult, Pop Culture, Streetwise).  You need to spark their interest.

Roll 3: Appearance + Seduction.  While the target is suitably distracted or even asleep after make your move. 

Difficulty:  Location, location, location.  Picking up someone at a Rave or Night Club is easier than at a starbucks, which is easier than a celibacy and temperance meeting.  The second axis of the difficulty chart for seduction is competition how many other people are there trying to seduce/be seduced. 

The Good:  Low risk.  There is almost no physical danger.  No body- you aren't trying to kill your target.  Ideally you want to take so little they don't know anything happened.  Getting drained by a vampire is an intensely pleasurable experience for a mortal (especially if they didn't notice the fangs and blood draining) and many vampires quickly build up a 'herd' of semi regular willing victims. 

The Bad: Time Consuming.  You may have to spend long hours trawling hot spots and a mark you spend hours charming could wander off, wasting more time.  Further because your only taking a little bit of blood (1-2) you may have to hunt multiple times a night and end up hunting most nights of a week.  Not to mention you often get mortals who get obsessed with you for your prowess.  Mortals that try to find you night after night.  Mortals that ask questions other than "What's your major?"  Mortals its hard to escape since vampiric territorial disputes likely keep you limited to a hand ful of areas.  You can quickly find yourself with a half dozen well meaning stalkers/potential masquerade breaches. 

Adult Humans are always assumed to have 10 points of Blood.  At 7-8, they become woozy and impaired, exhausted.  At 6 they pass out and may die without medical assistance (20% chance), At 5 Blood they have a (50% chance) of death without medical assistance inside an hour or two.  At 4 they will die without medical care inside 30 min.  At 3 they die.

Children have 5 Blood points.  At 4 they become woozy and faint.  At 3 they require hospitalization or have a 50% chance of death.  At 2 they die.   

Younger Teenagers are treated as children.  Older Teenagers as adults.  This is deliberately vague.  

Eating Meat- Feeding off animals is doable but for most vampires is very inefficient and like vegetarianism in humans can lead to health problems. 

  • Animals the size of mice and rats effectively don't have blood points.
  • Cats, Chickens, Penguins, Birds of Prey, small dogs provide 1 Blood Point.  
  • Big Dogs, Deer, have 3 blood points.
  • Horses, Cows, Bears, have 5 blood points.
  • Drinking too much animal blood is unhealthy.  If you do it more than once a story arc your Blood Half mark has a chance to raise.  (Walter is a 9th generation vampire.  His halfway mark is 7.  If he eats at the Stockyards more than once there is a chance his halfway mark will rise to 8.  If he keeps doing it his mark will continue to rise until he is back on a steady diet of Kine.)
  • Vampires with Animalism increase the number of times they can eat animals before their mark increases, but even they must eventually return and feed off the Kine.   

Clan Gangrel and Nosferatu (the two clans with Animalism innate) are often known to feed off Animals at least semi regularly.  Gangrel often use this when traveling about the country.  Nosferatu to prolong their return to the surface.

Going to the Doctor

For the first time in history, Kine systematically keep and store blood.  Unfortunately frozen blood is…well, a step above tomato juice. 

Every 2 pints of Blood you drink from a bag, hours/days dead corpse, etc gives you 1 blood point and 1 point of Spoil.  Spoil is a "bad blood point"  It blocks a Blood Point slot and cannot be spent.  You naturally shed 1 point of Spoil every time you wake up.

For Example: Eve is a vampire of the 10th Generation who just lost a bad fight with a rival and is down to three points of blood.  She breaks into a morgue and drinks 10 points of blood from the corpses there.  So now Eve has 8 Blood Points and 5 Spoil.  Because she is "full" she cannot feed anymore.  The next night when she wakes up she will lose 1 blood point and one point of spoil.  It will take days to lose all the spoil she is carrying. 


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