Timeline of New Amsterdam


1625- New Amsterdam is founded by the Dutch West India Company.

1698- City reaches a population of 5,000

1733- New York Weekly Journal begins publication. 

1776- Various battles in an around the New York by Continental and British forces. 

1790- Population 33,000+ including 10,000 free blacks.  Largest city in America.   

1800- Population 60,000+

1831- University of New York Founded. 

1835- Great Fire.  Rages for 2 days.  Hundreds of buildings are lost.

1845- New York Police Department is founded.

1851- New York Times is published.

1883- Brooklyn Bridge Opens.

1886- Statue of Liberty Arrives

1888- Great Blizzard.  Snow drift up to 20 ft deep occur in parts of the city.

1895- New York City Public Library Founded. 

1900- Population 3 Million +

1919- 30,000 deaths from Spanish Flu. 

1924- Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Begins.

1929- Wall Street Crash. 

1939- New York World's Fair

  • 1986- Selishi Seyoum is embraced.  Sileshi begins touring Europe with his sire.  Paris Part 1.
  • 1990 Chelsea "Tweet" Redstone is embraced and arrives in New York.  Session 1 occurs.

Timeline of New Amsterdam

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